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We’re all CIA Assets! Is There Any Escape?

What Can Be Done, a personal story
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VT RADIO: ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, The 1000 Year Mission Creep with VT's Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

VT's Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould share their latest book The Valediction: Resurrection with VT Radio Host Johnny Punish

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VT's Jonas Alexis goes in search of Putin and His Corruption

FDR and Pearl Harbor: Was Attack a Primer for Zionist Assault on American Republic?

From Mark Dankof’s Catacomb

Game On: Western Sanctions on Russian Oil Go Go Go

Moscow has reiterated it will not sell oil to countries that support a price cap

On This Horrific Day in 1980, Conscience of the World JOHN LENNON Murdered

John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, the rock group that transformed popular music in the 1960s, is shot and killed by an obsessed fan in New York City.